Where is it made?

What's in iT?

Everything we make is carefully crafted by hand using all-natural ingredients. Our goal is to create  soaps and body products that are great for your skin, beautiful to look at, and revitalizing to the senses! WE KNOW YOU CAN BUY SOAP ANYWHERE SO "THANK YOU" FOR VISITING US and stay as long as you'd like!

What we do.​

In the good old US of A! Our "home base" is located in Fort Loramie, Ohio, a little town just east of Indiana.  We believe in the beauty of simplicity and are humbled that we are able to do what we love and share it with others. 


​​Healthier products for Healthier lives.

No chemicals. Nothing artificial. 

We use organic coconut, jojoba, and olive oils as well as shea butter and pure essential oils for scent. All of our products list every ingredient used and we promise you'll be able to pronounce them all!


We make all-natural soaps and body products just for you! We believe natural is better and are passionate about providing an alternative to those looking to adopt and practice a healthier way of living! Enjoy!

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